English course

The course is designed for children who already have a basic understanding of the language. This course will reinforce gained competencies learnt in class while also developing the children’s speaking skills and fluency. The goal of this course is to acquire new language milestones that will lead to children using English as their first language rather than as a second language, and to consolidate the acquisition of more complicated language structures.

The Familosphy academic supervisor and I will collaborate on the didactic project in order to provide a service that is consistent with what the children carry out in class. This will allow children to reinforce the skills they have already learned in school.

Our project’s strengths

This course is tailored to Familosophy children’s needs. The collaboration between the two academic coordinators will make sure that the children will learn more and they will become more confident in their language.

The project’s strengths are:

  • using art and project work will help the children to learn how to communicate naturally developing full sentences
  • art and music will help the children to explore ways to improve their language
  • coordination between the school and the English project will give the project a unique footprint
  • the course will be adding more language competencies to the Children who are enrolling in the course
  • storytelling and games will help the children learn the language naturally.

The aim of the English project is to give pupils the opportunity to develop fluency and learn English like their L1 (first language).